Why are we different to other dating sites?

Why are we different to other dating sites?

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can-modern-matchmakersWe’re different.


We’re not an internet dating site.

We meet you face to face

At a time that suits you

At a place that’s near you

We’re different


We actually care about getting you introductions based on quality not quantity.

Genuine , like for like introductions

That match your match, Introductions that you actually may have something in common with.

We’re different because

We’re friendly, professional, discreet and confidential.

We create a personal comprehensive, private profile that includes a PHOTO!!

We’re different because

We get results, couples meet and they have relationships.

We’re small

We don’t have hundreds of people on our books (we really wouldn’t be doing a good job if we had)

We’re different because you’re different!