What the online dating sites don’t want you to know!

What the online dating sites don’t want you to know!

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Its late January 2018…and you’re still sifting through the “alternative facts” (or as we in Ireland like to call it, lies) of online or internet dating, hoping to find Mr or Ms Right and right now, aren’t you?

And what’s wrong with online dating? It works …..sometimes.

You may even know a friend or three who found their lid fitted the other’s saucepan.

But there’s a secret those online dating sites( Plenty of Fish and Match.com and Elite Singles, OK Cupid and Another friend to name but a few)don’t want you to know.

You see, the online dating sites work much like the lottery. They pull in thousands of people with the hope of winning money. Along the way, they let a few people win. Those winners invariably tell all their friends, and those friends go play the lottery thinking and hoping they’ll win too.

What the lottery doesn’t want you to know is that the odds of winning are heavily stacked against you.

With online dating, the odds are stacked against you just as heavily.

So the online sites live on those few success stories.

At first, it’s fun looking through all those profiles in hopes of finding “the one.” Then you contact a few that look really good. It’s an ego boost when they reply. That’s when the trouble starts (and that’s after you’ve binned the hundreds of ‘Hey..wanna f…?’ bottom feeders’)

First they lie about their age. Then they lie about their height or their weight, their photo, their values and their aspirations. And the worst is when they lie about their marital status. A recent survey found that 58% of members of online dating sites had been victims of online dating dishonesty.

And I haven’t even mentioned the ‘SCAM’ word!

If every night on a certain Irish online dating site there’s at least 3500 girls and guys emailing and flirting with each other there’s bound to be a good percentage of folk who actually hit it off..It’s the law of averages and it’s a virtual social media ‘love in’ between Ladbrokes, Cadburys and Disneyland that uses computer sciences called algorithms!!

And if you’re willing to meet anonymous, impersonal, slightly creepy incognito keyboard warriors who may or may not be dating 3 or 4 different people at the same time then the world’s your lobster because where’s the fun in trying to please one person all of the time when you can please some of the people some of the time!

The attraction of online dating is the opportunity to pretend to be something different than you are and unsurprisingly, that’s its ultimate weakness!

So Online dating works….in the same way “Friendly fire isn’t

But just remember that ol adage..”The odds are good but the goods are odd”!


So in the LOTTERY OF LOVE why don’t you turn the odds a little in your favour?

There’s one thing you can do NOW that will greatly improve your chances of actually meeting someone special…..

Here’s the deal. To increase your odds, ask yourself this question:

Who are the people who always seem to get the best deals?

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We’re ONE2ONE INTRODUCTIONS and we’ll hand select the girls or guys you really want to meet. We will find someone who shares your values, your lifestyle, your background, your expectations and your aspirations.

We’ll help you to be objective and not judgmental about first impressions. But most of all we’ll eliminate the lies and time-wasting mismatches.

We meet everyone face to face and spend time getting to know what that person is looking for in a relationship.

We verify that everyone is who they say they are because we spend time in their company getting to know them so that when we introduce you, you won’t have that awkward moment when you realise that ……

John, 46, Tall, G(reat)S(ense)O(f)H(umour), Sporty, debonair yet grounded Pilot……………….

is really

Sean, 64, Dyslexic, Tall (by Japanese standards),G(rey) S(illy) O(ffensive H(orrible), watches Darts and Wrestling, is a grounded Pilot who walks with a lisp and talks with a limp and wears way too much Eau de Essence of Armpit.

Maybe it’s time to kiss these sites (- and all of their Fake news/lies -) goodbye!

The next generation of online dating is here, only this time it’s OFFLINE.


What’s the best that could happen?

Dave Merren


One2One Introductions

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