Tinder v Matchmaking.

Tinder v Matchmaking.

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Back in the fast walking days when real men opened doors for ladies, Tinder was any type of combustible material used to start a fire. Spin and marketing gurus recognised that a picture could be the spark that lights a date when deciding on a name for their “hook up” app. No longer would you have to venture to Legs, Howl at the room, a Leinster home game or Ben Dunne’s Gym to scout for your very own dating tinder, you need only swipe to the left et Voila..a myriad of stunning photo shopped Kim and Kanyes appear before your big blue eyes and tiny screen, and all in search of the One.

Or are they?

Just think of the wonderful Caroline Aherne(R.I.P.) aka Mrs Merton asking Debbie McGee “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels???”

Universally, men will agree, Tinder is purely a visual app, whether that’s apt or not. Sure it’s life Jim, but not as we know it..and anyway, is that really the way Courtship and Romance begins? “So Dad, where did Mom and you meet”? Was it love at first sight in a crowded bar, a wedding or did you bump into each other in a niteclub”? ..”No my little darling Daenerys, Your Mom swiped left”…How’s that for a legacy!

Lovelorn and forsaken Tinder folk know that image does not the maketh the man(or woman),especially when what you see is not always what you get.

With approximately 60 million Tinder users, your chances of meeting your dream partner may feel as slim as being a lucky Dublin Bus driver.

Still it’s a definite distraction if you have at least an hour and a half to devote every day to the Tinder altar. 90 minutes!!That’s a lot of time and energy without mentioning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Whatsapp.

No wonder the aliens won’t invade us..we’re too busy in our cyber world.

So where does Matchmaking and Introductions come into this 2D picture?

Tinder is a young person’s game wasted on the youth and so it should be. It works for the “I want it now generation of 24hour party people fuelled on adrenalin and energy drinks”.

It’s affordable, contemporary, too easy and everyone’s doing it.

But if you’re past that, and are just that little bit more mature, getting on with your career and ready to find your soulmate, would you not be better off investing in a Matchmaker who could introduce you to genuine like for like dating partners that aren’t just a flash in the pan, but may potentially offer you genuine opportunities to keep the home fires burning.

Spend those 90 minutes with us for a chat over coffee. Invest in yourself and see who lights your fire.

Real love is not just in the eye of the beholder, but lives deeper in a sense of humour, shared values and creating shared memories.

Now you’ve really gone from a spark to a flame.


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