Think outside the box ticking…

Think outside the box ticking…

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And so the journey begins. You’re about to dip your toe into the deep waters of “The Dating Game”! With a bit of luck you’ll steer clear of the shark infested seas that are online internet dating sites and join a real Matchmaking and Introduction agency! (Hopefully you’ll pick us at One2One Intros).

As you know, we meet face to face and spend time getting to know you, who you are, what your values are and what you’re looking for in a partner, as well as creating your personal and confidential profile. We ask you for a list of principles and qualities you would like to see in your “perfect match.”  It’s always tempting when doing this to dream up a detailed list of all the qualities that Mr or Ms Perfect match should have. After all, you don’t settle for anything but the best and deserve nothing less but the best, right?

Let’s back up the truck a little… what if the list that we both have so carefully created is actually stopping you from meeting someone who may not be perfect, but is perfect for you?

Compromise is king in Matchmaking (as well as in life)!

And of course, the other rocks of good husbandry (pardon the pun) in matchmaking are Confidentiality, Privacy and Discretion.

It’s all too easy to stick consistently to the strict “must love cats and no civil servants” job description you have in mind for that someone special and to gauge someone’s suitability based on illogical values like their height, weight, their photo on their profile (YES we show photos on our profiles. who knew?) or, indeed, their taste in clothes. How on earth could a happy and fulfilling relationship prosper with someone who thinks it’s acceptable to wear brown shoes with a blue suit, for example?  How could you get up close and personal with someone who reads the Irish Mirror, enjoys hurling or agrees to split the bill on the first date? Where’s my D4 macho man? It is almost as though, in waiting for that indefinable spark to catch, we are actively disregarding potentially well suited (pardon the pun) matches because we believe that we know the combination of qualities required in a person in order for the spark to ignite.

“They’re just not my type” or “I would never go out with” or “I’m only attracted to…” “I’d be wasted my time and theirs by meeting them”…

Ok…so that’s why you’re still single!! Your type isn’t really your type.

And if you’re happy with doing that same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result   then you really don’t need our expertise, do you? You know nothing Jon Snow!

Have you stopped to consider the person you are so quick to send to relationship rehab without a second thought?  The person who, if you could just bring yourself to look past the admittedly sometimes really quite unfortunate photo (admit it, some folk do have a face for radio) you might just find has a fun, friendly and has a charming sense of humour with values that really complement your own. .is sexy even and wears sensible shoes! This year’s George Clooney is really Lyle Lovett.

Here at planet One2One Introductions we find that some of our successful relationships start off as being friends and when asked, didn’t even think of their significant other as a potential partner in crime in the beginning…it was a date, that’s true, but the reality was they were out to enjoy the date instead of casting an X Factor judgment by the way he or she said The Dort or De Dart!

We know from fact that the successful couples (who met through our matchmaking) were the ones who approached any meeting with the open attitude that unless someone is an absolute “no”, they would meet them (Really!-we have met both of you, we wouldn’t match you with an absolute “no” anyway!).

What if your box ticking list (and attitude) is the very things that are standing between you and meeting that someone special? The inflexible attitude checklist that, unless every box is ticked, has already decided for you that this date is not going to turn out well.

So, what would happen if you  accepted your next proposal, walked into your next introduction, ripped up your “must love Audi’s/ no Aldi’s need apply “box ticking time bomb and sat down with an open mind and an open heart?

You won’t know until you try……but what’s the best that could happen?

Betcha you’d have fun too!

Dave Merren.

One2One Introductions