The odds are good..but the goods are odd!

The odds are good..but the goods are odd!

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It’s true what they say about Online Dating… “the odds are good…the goods are odd!”

At One2One Introductions we offer a viable alternative to online dating.

We believe we’re the type of agency that you’d recommend to a friend,  your brother or sister, father or mother, uncle or aunt!

Why? Because we do exactly what it says on the tin (or website in this case).

We believe our friendliness, our attitude and our passion for trying to get like for like minded people to meet each other, allied to our thorough approach will help us become a destination of choice.

We meet you one2one, and face 2 face at a time and place that suits you.

We actually do the matching ourselves, so, when we propose an introduction for you; it’s not just based on your profile but also on our experience of you!

We offer a term of membership (12 months) rather than just a number of dates. Our goal is to find someone special for you and this can sometimes take a while. After all, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

And the truth is that while we do our very best, we cannot and will not guarantee for the vagaries of the human heart, as well as the one thing that we just can’t add water to (and in fairness, water costs a lot of money these days) and that’s CHEMISTRY!

We propose an introduction; we set up the two of you for what we hope will be a successful date. And then we step back and let you and Mother Nature take its course.

If all goes well …it’s a success…and we will all be delighted…if it doesn’t… we try again…

At One2One Introductions we provide you with the opportunities to perhaps meet that someone special.

And that’s why you should join One2One Introductions.

what’s the best that could happen?