So..where did you guys meet??

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  In the 90’s/Noughties it may have been…………….. The pub, niteclub, a match, a dinner party, your brother’s girlfriend’s sister, Copper Faced Jacks, Bad Bobs or Howl at the Moon? In the 70’s/80’s it could have been Blinkers, Club 92, Zhivago’s or Silks..or the rugby club, Perhaps it was the Dandelion market or a fondue party? And for the rest of us let’s try and remember the good ol daze of the Ierne Ballroom, Tara Club or The Teachers club, Mass or the Paddy’s day parade. Before that the Matchmaker ruled. Now…in today’s way too busy virtual techno Facebook, Twitterland of Instagram and Tinder where do you actually and physically meet someone? Swipe right, poke and emoji!! Forget it and  join One2One Introductions for a start… We can help you meet that special person you just might want to share your life with. One2One is NOT an online internet dating service.

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