Wikipedia and the art of knowing you knowing me.

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  What we do on or before dates that maybe we really shouldn’t! Let’s face it whether you’re a newbie to all this or have even had a date or two in the not too distant past, going on a date is a total nerve shredder! Yes, it’s fun, exciting and who knows where it will go. The fun should start here and not on Google. Googling. Everybody Googles everybody! And while it’s fine to get some little background about him or her before a date sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I even had a situation where I arranged a date with …let’s call them Frank and Mary. I swopped phone contacts and surnames with them both and I found Mary would not meet Frank because she had googled him and reckoned he was a Bank robber who had served time, had 2 marriages and 12 children.

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