Pessimistic man seeks depressed lady to have really shite times with..

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In old Irelands past a matchmaker made introductions not so much between marriageable men and women, but between their two families.They negotiated the complicated deals that traded land and dowries against beauty and skills…and we’re not just talking cattle here. Happily nowadays, the process is just a tad different. In today’s Ireland, life has changed somewhat since those ” heady, herdy, spit on your palm, fine girl you are” match-making days of the past. Nowadays we want excitement, commitment, love ,passion and a villa on a Portuguese golf course wouldn’t go amiss. But how do we get all this in today’s hyper paced “I want it all and I want it now” world of instant gratification. Well…..the winner is……………………………..  ONE2ONE Introductions! We can help you meet that someone special . We are not an online dating service and we’re not a “let’s make a quick buck” service. We only make matches

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