Of Playbuoys, sharks and wasted seamen.

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Day One in the “Just haven’t met you yet/ lookin for lurve” house.. This online dating lark is easy, casual and you don’t have to dress for it, sloppy Joes and PJs rule, sans make up..even my hair’s a mess but sure who knows? So..I decided to join Matchmewithplentyoffish.com (I loved their logo “Cast yer net in the sea of love” I joined (only euro35 a month), put my profile up (My hook was “Let’s have a whale of a time”) and Tadah.. “I’ve got 65 messages, 123 winks and 4 marriage proposals (“And I haven’t even put my photo up yet..) “Are all these for me?” It’s the kid in the sweetshop syndrome. I think I’ve fallen in love 3 times tonite already. Wait till I really get into this.. Which photo? Long or short hair? Blonde, Brunette..that one from 2000 looks great-all my mates said so. ”My milkshake

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We are professionals; we run our business professionally with integrity and discretion. Because we work hard to deliver a professional service, we naturally attract professional people. They appreciate our unique approach and excellent service levels, and they’re happy to pay for that service. Ask any single person if they’ve honestly done everything possible to find their true love. Very few would say, hand on heart that they’ve pulled out all the stops. Many of us have been taught that if we forget about love, it will magically appear when we least expect it…..Tadah! But surely that can’t be right? If you left your job tomorrow and stayed at home waiting for a new employer to contact you out of the blue, without applying for jobs or sending out your CV, what would happen? Nadda. There’s no logical reason why love should be any different! Being single long term isn’t exactly

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