Irish Men and their Mammies

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This article has been written from my experiences with my Matchmaking and Introductions agency, One2One Introductions.  So please don’t shoot the messenger. Also, I’m the original born again poacher turned gamekeeper. Now read on…. Mammy knows best. I blame Irish Mammies for it all. From the time we were Mommies Little Soldier we’ve been pampered, put on a pedestal and told that there’s “no one good enough for my son” and so we’ve grown up actually believing it. By the time we’re finished school and college and have entered the big bad world of commerce and earning a wage we’ve become so used to our elevated status in the natural pecking order of life that we tend to look at women as being “ONLY women” and “Sure what would THEY know anyway? Aren’t we the greatest thing since sliced bread”? We therefore expect too much from dating because we…………. A…think

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Be careful..It’s a Jungle out there!

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  Looking for love in all the wrong places Singletons are signing up to Irish online dating sites in the hope of finding love, but instead of finding Ms or Mr Right, they are increasingly being targeted by con artists,fraudsters and rip off merchants! Who knew? From the initial…“Now HE looks nice-let’s chat”( online of course because you’re so careful of not giving too much information about yourself away-this is quite ironic as you have already put your best photo online for the world and sometimes his wife to see and written an in depth personal profile about yourself, mentioning where you come from, your age and little details about your family) Remember that old adage-“if the enemy’s in range then so are you” But soon the buzz of the male order toy shop empowers you and  you’re lost in the moment and all a flutter.. To….”Really, do you think

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