Irish Men and their Mammies

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This article has been written from my experiences with my Matchmaking and Introductions agency, One2One Introductions.  So please don’t shoot the messenger. Also, I’m the original born again poacher turned gamekeeper. Now read on…. Mammy knows best. I blame Irish Mammies for it all. From the time we were Mommies Little Soldier we’ve been pampered, put on a pedestal and told that there’s “no one good enough for my son” and so we’ve grown up actually believing it. By the time we’re finished school and college and have entered the big bad world of commerce and earning a wage we’ve become so used to our elevated status in the natural pecking order of life that we tend to look at women as being “ONLY women” and “Sure what would THEY know anyway? Aren’t we the greatest thing since sliced bread”? We therefore expect too much from dating because we…………. A…think

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The rules of Dating… Debunked!

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Rule 1. There are no rules. For a single girl or guy there’s no lonelier place than a nite club or a party after midnight on New Year’s Day. You’ve done the 10, 9, and 8 countdown and cometh the hour, cometh the hugs and kisses. “Should auld acquaintance be forgot…” Just then Queen’s “Find me somebody to love” erupts and you’re all alone, again, naturally! New Year.  Just me January! And then there’s those New Year’s resolutions. For singletons, the focus, at least in regards to resolutions, may be on how to find that someone in 2017. Rule 2. Being single just means you haven’t found the right person yet. That’s all! Remember, its Disney’s fault that girls want the perfect guy and its Playboy’s fault that guys want the perfect girl! So here you are in the first week of January 2017..Chocolates and Tequila shots are off the

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Pessimistic man seeks depressed lady to have really shite times

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In old Irelands past a matchmaker made introductions not so much between marriageable men and women, but between their two families. They negotiated the complicated deals that traded land and dowries against beauty and skills…and we’re not just talking cattle here. Happily nowadays, the process is just a tad different. In today’s Ireland, life has changed somewhat since those ” heady, herdy, spit on your palm, fine girl you are” match-making days of the past. Today we want excitement, commitment, love ,passion and a villa on a Portuguese golf course wouldn’t go amiss. But how do we get all this in today’s hyper paced “I want it all and I want it now” world of instant gratification. Well…..the winner is……………………………..  ONE2ONE Introductions! We can help you meet that someone special . We are not an online dating service and we’re not a “let’s make a quick buck” service. We only make

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