Ok Cupid..don’t be stupid.

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  Last week BBC2 aired a documentary on Online scamming. If anyone watched it they would have seen a story of a man who scammed a dozen women out of more than £100,000 in a series of what officers described as “internet dating and romance schemes.”i.e. internet dating scams! Yes, those very online dating sites that you subscribe to in dear ol Ireland? No! Say it ain’t so?.. surely that could never happen here!…but it does! Believe me. So, apart from the financial woes of being scammed, your emotional wellbeing won’t be altogether healthy either and is at risk if your emale or online beau is dishonest about their relationship status. There is no telling who is on the other end of that connection when you are online. Can you tell the difference between Arthur and Martha online? A Guardian article recently discovered that around one third of men using

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