Are Irish men of a certain age lazy, boring and hung up on box ticking when it comes to Dating in the real world?

4 years ago 2 1082

  Firstly I need to say this has been written from my experiences with my Matchmaking and Introductions agency, One2One Introductions. Secondly, I’m the original born again poacher turned gamekeeper. Now read on.. I blame Irish Mammies for all this. From the time we were rug rats we’ve been cossetted, put on a pedestal and told that there’s “no one good enough for my son” and so we’ve grown up believing the myth. By the time we’re finished school and college and have entered the big bad world of commerce and earning mullah we’ve become so used to our elevated status in the natural pecking order of life that we tend to look at women as being “ONLY women” and “Sure what would THEY know anyway?. Aren’t we the greatest thing since sliced bread”? We expect too much from dating because we A…think there’s more of them than us when

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