Why choose ONE2ONE Introductions?

4 years ago 0 897

Because we value  honesty  and because we believe you need to know as much of the truth about what you’re going to get into if you join a “dating agency”, the following may have some bearing on your filtering of choice. There’s basically  only two types of dating services these days…(and we take it you’ve tried the pub/ club scene, speed dating, slow dancing  and even the dreaded dinner party set up by your best friends scene?) One is internet (or online dating) and the other is offline dating (that’s us Matchmakers and Introduction agencies.) We would never disrespect  internet dating. It  works very well for a huge number of people. You get a huge number of and a wide “variety” of dates… if you need a huge number and wide variety of dates. ..You meet ALL and EVERY type of people…even if you really don’t actually WANT to meet ALL

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