Really ugly fat bloke looking to meet super model with a sense of humour

Really ugly fat bloke looking to meet super model with a sense of humour

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Online dating and dating apps are designed to give zillions of singles the chance to find dates on their own terms. It’s instant gratification for the “I want it and I want it now “generation. The swipe attitude sums up today’s busy, Iphone attached at the lip generation singles who want to find someone, anyone, a partner, a lover, a soul mate so long as it’s this instant!

However, despite the phenomenon of online dating which is used by almost 60% of singles, it’s actually, quite bizarrely, helping and encouraging the growth of one sector:


Why? My own view(well, I am a Matchmaker) is that because a lot of singletons are becoming totally disillusioned by computer algorithms –It’s a real case of “from Algorhythms to zero confidence in 3 dates” for some and it replaces human judgment, with many suffering from dating overload. It’s the kid in a sweetshop or toy store syndrome………. ”You have 400 messages..there’s just soooo many men –sooo little time!” But really, how many dates do you actually have before you realise that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again to get the same results.

I think that because of this, girls and guys who are genuinely looking to meet someone want someone like a really good friend to help them navigate the vast dating waters where there may be plenty of fish, wasted seamen, play buoys and sharks..lots of sharks.

The answer is  One2One Introductions

A Matchmaker as a friend! Who knew? And a friendly, professional and discrete one to boot!

Thankfully, the days of box-ticking partners’ credentials (must have all his own hair and teeth, loves children and animals, have a pensionable job,) are disappearing rapidly. People now look at compatibility.

What matters most is the fact that the people fundamentally like each other.

How people feel emotionally about each other is the order of the day.

But by the same token, busy professionals still want to call upon the personalised, discrete, old-fashioned, formal help that a matchmaker can give them.

Algorithms and technology, great though they are, can’t do that. For my clients, that means a dating solution that gives them human interaction with real, face to face meetings, in order that the matchmaker can learn about them and their preferences and values.

They also want a matchmaker who meets with each of the potential matches in order to fully vet them and vouch that they are who they say they are, before arranging a date.

It essentially means a matchmaker doing the first date work for them, giving the client 100% control over the choice of people they like most and want to date.

Matchmaking has so moved on from its reputation for being old fashioned “Lisdoon Lisdoon varna ish”

Wanted Irish Woman-Able to cook, clean and foot turf. Must have land and tractor. Please send picture of tractor”, into one that’s personal, confidential, friendly, fun and warm.

You have a friend in your matchmaker to look after you, to care about you and to watch over your love life.

That may seem like unadventurous country stroll compared with the ultra fast cyber highway that is  modern internet dating, but sometimes, a stroll down one of these is just what you need in today’s world.

What’s the best that might happen? You might actually meet that someone special!

Dave Merren

One2one Introductions


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