About them

5ft 4"
Do you smoke?
Do you enjoy a drink?
Do you have children?
What are their ages?
20, 24, 28
Do they live with you?
Would you like children in the future?
Third level
Education Level
Third Level


Italian, French , too many to mention
Marlborough Sauvignon blanc- White wine !!
Kite runner
Irish Independent
None in particular
Southern france
Tennis, watching rugby
Walking cycling yoga
Life is for living 2 prisoners were looking through bars. One saw mud and the other saw stars. It's all about how we perceive our life to be. You don't have to climb the whole staircase - just take the first step.

Perfect Partner

5ft 7 - 6 ft
Age From
Age To
Irish or English speaking person
Third level or self employed
Dont mind
Don't mind
Enjoys a drink
Don't mind
What would you like to be their best attributes/values
I would like to meet a person who has similar love of life and zest for living. We don't have to have the same leisure interests but it would help if we had enough of a similar background and areas of common discussion. I grew up in a city and don't think I would have enough common ground with someone from the country hope this doesn't come across as snobbish as it is about the person . I would like their best attributes to be kindness generosity and genuine sense of humour not at other's expense. My perfect partner would have a love for his family and friends, hopefully caring for animals and the environment. I would like someone to have stimulating conversation, companionship, a good laugh ,, love for humanity and a curiosity about all things new in life. I hope this gives you enough information and please let me know if any more needed, Thanks, Louise
Pastimes, hobbies & interests
I like to be active, including walking cycling yoga and pilates. I have an interest in animal welfare . I work full time and would like to take up golf if time ever allows ,I love travelling and seeing new countries. iI love going to warm climates as it is so wet and windy here . I can also manage to stay upright on the ski slopes - just about . I enjoy being outdoors in nature as going for a walk or cycle always has a positive effect on me . I'm enjoy being in company of family and friends if that counts as an interest
How do you like to spend your free time
My free time is quite precious. Mostly enjoying company of family and friends but also can enjoy time to myself. This includes the hobbies and interests as outlined above. I enjoy cooking but not so much the cleaning up !
Your top personality traits/special talents
My personality is I think kind and attentive. I try to balance my own needs with those of my family. Always a juggling act. However my children are now in the adult years and I feel it is time for me . I also have a good heart and a listening ear, enjoy a good belly laugh and would consider myself a people's person. I am generally optimistic , glass half full and think life is for living. I am blessed with loving family, a few close friends and overall great health
Your not so top personality traits
Most likely getting too used to living on my own getting stuck in my own way of doing things. I am not always open to change and like to get my own way if at all possible
Your attributes/core values/what are you passionate about?
The values I most admire are people who genuinely care about others and exude a positive vibe . I value my independence and would expect any relationship to respect my wishes on thiis. I would also hope to reciprocate a kind and compassionate nature to someone I could truly admire trust and respect. Any relationship would have to be based on a mutual regard for each other's needs and wants while taking care of self in a healthy way.
Are there any new activities you would like to try?
Lots . I would like to try some new activities holiday , perhaps golf , maybe salsa dancing to name a few things
Your goals in life?
Would love to retire at 60 from day job and maybe start up a small business to include travel, activity and love for animals. Goals are work in progress
Your pet hates
Suffocating needy people. Also people who are lazy and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. I don't like meanness in people
People you admire
Gandhi. Nelson Mandela . Christina Noble
How would you like to spend an evening in company?
Enjoying good company , nice location and food. Having a laugh
Favourite place to go with that someone special
South Africa or maybe a nice weekend away in a cosy hotel
Your bucketlist
River rafting, hot air balloon, travel, diving in coral reefs
How would you like to spend a vacation?
A combination of relaxing, seeing new countries and cultures
Is religion important to you?
Your greatest achievement
My 3 children
Your biggest disapointment
My divorce
Smoking, meanness , neediness