French but living in Galway a long long time.

About them

Do you smoke?
Do you enjoy a drink?
Do you have children?
What are their ages?
Andrew 28 and Philippe 22 in July.. Philippe, a student is with me at the weekend from time to time. So my apartment is his base.
Do they live with you?
Would you like children in the future?
I am in charge of an arts program for people with an intellectual disability in Galway. It is a very exiting project which brings people a lot of joy and opportunities of contributing to the arts life of their community
I have a BA and an MA and a Hdip
Education Level


Really love food in general. I am in a tagine phase at the moment
A nice glass of wine, a nice whiskey or just a guinness. but in moderation. I fact I drink little.
Nothing too intense. love films with expansive scenery
I enjoy historical novels, writings on spirituality
Irish times
French music on youtube!
I Love France of course
I am not a great sports person
The outdoors
"I have come that you may have life and life to the full" "Love and do what you want" "A chacun l' age venu, la découverte ou l' ignorance"

Perfect Partner

Average but not important
Age From
Age To
I am open
Not important to me, but would like the person to have an OK income if possible at all. It all makes it easier doesn't it!
Don't mind
Enjoys a drink
Don't mind
What would you like to be their best attributes/values
I would like my partner to have as many values as possible in common with me regardless of faith tradition or nationality I would like her to share some of my interests , knowing that I would not expect her to get to the top of our Connemara hills every weekend!!! I would value her openness to discovering french culture. To be genuine, caring, loving, and faithful, an equal to build something beautiful with time and patience.
Pastimes, hobbies & interests
I do like photography, and probably enjoy more taking photos that sorting them out. I am hoping to do a couple of short courses ( weekends) to develop my skills there. I really enjoy engaging in the arts in various ways, participating in a project, like the Macnas parade in Galway, going to gigs if there is something interesting to go to. I'd like to say that I practice meditation! I often try and let it go again... I am interested in spirituality in an open way... Enjoy music love looking at photography books
How do you like to spend your free time
I love the outdoors. I have done a lot of hill walking with the Maumturk walking club in the last while. I really love it. It keeps me reasonably fit. and besides, it is so beautiful out there. I play gamelan with a few friends from time to time. a Gamelan is an ensemble of Indonesian percussion instruments which can accommodate up to 20 players. I find it relaxing and fun. I like cooking and get much pleasure out of welcoming friends for a meal or just of cooking for my sons
Your top personality traits/special talents
I am an open guy. I am very creative in my work, I give things a chance, I am never short of ideas (and can put them in practice) I am conscientious about all I engage with usually (be in parental responsibility, finances, work health... That does not mean that I do not take chances, but I tend to calculate them! Socially I am at ease with people ,but can occasionally be a bit shy Many years ago when I did the Myer-Briggs personality profile I had the same score for extraversion and introversion. I love company really. But enjoy my own space too. I am a pleasant guy easy to get on with and with simple needs
Your not so top personality traits
I am not alway good at challenging or at trashing things out and tend to avoid arguments. but I am aware of it and work at it. I can get a bit anxious when things are not under control (e.g.. finances). And although I am an outgoing person I can be a bit shy sometimes.
Your attributes/core values/what are you passionate about?
People tell me that I am good company, that I am a good friend, that I am genuine and faithful in my friendships, a guy who thinks of others and who is honest. I think they are right. I am a respectful, caring, loving and affectionate person , very at ease with hugs etc... I am a positive person . I am flexible, creative, youthful. I am a trusting person. I don't have complicated needs. I am a clean person. Spirituality is important to me, making sense of my journey is important to me . My values are predominately christian values; these are found in many other religious or humanist traditions and schools. they enrich and guide your life.
Are there any new activities you would like to try?
I would love to develop my photography skills.
Your goals in life?
Well. I would really love to be in a new successful relationship and build a new life with the someone special I might meet. Besides,work wise I would like to finish securing the arts project I have developed before I retire. beyond that? Hope I can keep contributing somehow to society and can travel a bit with my loved one should this be possible at all.
Your pet hates
Pets!!! Its funny as this is the only one I can see!!!
People you admire
Jean Vanier, Thich Nhat Hanh, Fr Peter Mc Very, Micheal D Higgin, Nelson Mandella,
How would you like to spend an evening in company?
with that someone special it could be a nice meal out and a bit of fresh air before coming home to finish the night in each others arms... With more company, a meal I might have cooked at home to share with friends or loved ones.
Favourite place to go with that someone special
A beautiful place by the sea on a sunny day with not too many people around, Glassilawn in Connemara or Terenez in Brittany.
Your bucketlist
I have no mega dreams of seing such or such country or of doing such or such thing, at the risk of being cheesy, just I suppose the desire to grow as a human being, to love and be loved.
How would you like to spend a vacation?
With someone I love, the rest can be worked out, but I'd love some walking, visiting of interesting places, museums, a nice meal, a bit of beach: I love the sun by the sea or river, but not to cremate! I am not a great hotel fan, a gite rental would be nice. a trip to the market to taste the local produces... simple pleasures! Sometimes I dream of camping cars vacations but don't own one!!!
Is religion important to you?
Your greatest achievement
After my separation I have worked hard to build myself up again. I am grateful for today, I love my two lads, and last but not least: The arts project I have created at work has changed many things for the people I reach.
Your biggest disapointment
My separation. But I have worked at integrating it and have learnt a lot from it.
Above all an open, genuine, caring and loving person interested in sharing the journey with me and building a good life. besides, I need to be able to stay in Galway for my work and my youngest son's need for a base till he finishes his studies.