Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

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Why is it so hard to meet someone these days?

Finding someone in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties just wasn’t a problem.

You could meet someone in the supermarket because it was a relaxed place to bump into and maybe flirt (now there’s a lost art!) AND without fear of the PC Police over the freshly baked bread cheekily utter “Don’t squeeze me til I’m yours”

Gallantry ruled and real men opened doors and ladies actually replied with a Thank you!

If it rained (which was a constant) you’d offer to share your umbrella. Bus stops were where the action was and love stories began (or was that Zhivagos?)

You could talk without loudspeakers in pubs to other people without googling them!

In those fast moving days we enjoyed a mad thing called… reality! You went to discos and niteclubs to meet someone. You asked a girl out by walking up to her and conversing. You met and chatted to people at football matches, parties and get togethers.  Now it’s just reality T.V., Tinder and social media gone viral.

Where, as we had to rely on our personalities and wit to meet someone, people’s main issue nowadays is their Wi-Fi coverage.

Pubs today are packed with eligible men and elegant ladies but the problem now is that nobody is looking at each other anymore. They’re either looking down at their iPhones swiping left or right or else they’ve made their choice and are waiting for their aforementioned Tinderella to show. Booty n the beast rewritten for todays I want it all now generation.

So…. where do you meet someone? How do you meet someone?

In today’s world wild web, like lemmings falling off a cliff you do what everyone else does.

You join a reputable(sic) Online Dating app. 100 million flies can’t be wrong! You have great fun drawing up your very own profile with your favourite photo (which was taken over 10 years ago) so that you’re matched with your ideal “age-appropriate” men or women.. soon you notice that while your age isn’t exactly your correct age(a little white lie of 7 years isn’t going to a deal breaker now is it?) you see that everyone else seems to be around the same age, and it’s strange because you recognise some guy or girl  and they were that same age 20 years ago! Whoops! And if you can see and recognise them, then they can see and recognise you. Remember. When the enemy’s in range-then so are you!

But hey..Lemmings r us. You’ve now got 100 replies to stuff you don’t even remember sending and suddenly it’s Xmas, your birthday and you’ve just won the Lotto..Sooo many people like the look of you, want to meet you and have your babies and its only 3 days since you joined. It’s the kid in the candy store  …”are all these for me?”


Unfortunately… it’s fake news, a false positive! Once you start sifting through it all, it’s not so real. Sure you can think that you both have “chemistry” after all the emails and texts a flying, but honestly how can you have text and email chemistry..with a laptop?

But you persevere and actually go out on a date or 3 and you both find out that while he’s actually 12 years older, is 6 inches shorter than he said he was and still lives with the Mammy and he can’t fathom how you won a heat of Miss Blinkers in 1992 when you were only 11 and that your mates seem soo much older than you are, you actually get on quite well ..Just wait till the dreaded passport appears and is checked at the airport on your first weekend away together!!

And just when you had seriously started to believe that you may have found the one and only digital dating “unicorn” – a guy who was funny, clever, handsome, spontaneous and not just after a quickie–or a woman who’s classy, sassy, quite the looker and knows the offside rule, you suddenly get a Dear John text, to say that he or she had to move away, quite unexpectedly on contract to Patagonia for 6 months where sadly, there’s no internet.

Isn’t it strange the amount of folk who actually win that foreign contract? And yet there must be internet in Patagonia because he’s still winking at everyone else on the site.

It’s the excitement and the fantasy of internet dating that makes people addicted to it. There’s this continual hope that this person could be ‘The One’ or who could have been ‘The One’ had they not had to move away to Patagonia-the retirement home of ex internet daters!

So now, instead of a relationship frissoned with a fascination of eye contact across a smoke filled room and a “oh my..He’s actually looking at me” spark and shiver, people are immediately starting a relationship on an untruthful fake news foundation, which can’t really be terribly healthy, can it?

Both the biggest charm of online dating, and the biggest concern is the ease of it all.

We fool ourselves by saying “Ok, that didn’t work.. let’s move on to another person, or hey, why make one person happy all the time when I can make many people happy some of the time.. Commitment? When I find the right one I’ll do commitment!

Girls and guys, whether by accident, design, Disney or Playboy, just aren’t willing to put that much effort into real life anymore.

And it does seem like what’s really missing now is good old fashioned Romance – because there’s none of that even at the start of online dating. Sending winks and pokes online just doesn’t have the same oomph as being handed a bunch of flowers. ..And what do you tell your kids?? ‘Your Mom ‘liked’ me on Facebook so it was’

The reality of Online Dating sites (sic) is that you become addicted to dating apps quite easily and the bottom line is you’re then not looking for someone; you’re only looking for a higher high! Dating apps are designed mainly by men for men to keep men actively involved…they’re designed to look like a beauty contest which is every guy’s fantasy. They’re designed to be a training vessel so that men can practice their chat up lines from behind a screen because the reality is that’s the only action they’re gonna get anyway!

And here’s the rub (sic)..For a lot of guys, just having a woman write back to them is as good as getting laid. He thinks she’s interested in him and there’s a remote possibility of actually having sex, while she’s thinking he’s interested in having a relationship!

Oh dear..Makes you long for the days of elephant flares, mullet haircuts, smocks, leggings and Farrah Fawcett’s shoulder pads!

That’s where One2One Introductions come in. We’re old skool. We’re finders of keepers. We’re Matchmakers. We introduce normal likeminded folk because we’ve actually met normal folk face to face, we get to know them, what their values are ,have vouched that they are who they say they are and that they realistically want to meet genuine folk!

Simples! Shudda gone to Matchmakers!

We’ve seen and heard you play in the shallow waters of the internet Dating gene pool, now it’s time to let go of your armbands and water wings and get real or  as Tyrion said to Daenerys recently, you’re in the great game now and the great game is terrifying!

We can assure you it’s anything but terrifying-in fact it’s actually terrific!

It’s easy and it’s friendly (well we are) but most of all its Genuine, Confidential, Private and Very Discreet!

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Dave Merren.