“My aim in life …

“My aim in life …

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Our aim is true..

The aim of joining One2One Introductions is to widen the scope of your search for a partner and that’s why we’re here to help.

One2One Introductions is a Matchmaking and Introductions service. Our purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to meet people who may be your potential partners.

We are fully committed to helping you in this process by introducing you to like- minded, hand selected, and genuine people… who want to meet you.

We would ask you to be open-minded when we arrange a proposal for you. The person we chose may not have all the attributes or tick all the boxes you require, but we may see something when we met that person to believe that he or she could be just right for you. 

Telephone conversations, texts and even photographs may not give an accurate impression of someone.  We will have sent you a profile of the other person beforehand, so you already know something about each other.

Let things happen and go naturally. Try and meet each person at least twice, as an initial meeting can be fraught with nerves and trepidation! Make the most of each contact. 

As first meeting go, maybe arrange them for a short duration e.g. coffee, brunch/lunch to see how it goes.  Be yourself, enjoy the moment…and have fun.  Talk about things which will make you both relaxed and comfortable… i.e. your backgrounds, friends, experiences, opinions and values. 

Sometimes you may decline a proposal or someone may decline to meet you. It simply means it may not be the right person for you. But someone else will come along! Our job at One2OneIntroductions is to widen the search and improve the prospects for you to find that right person.

Your feedback and communication is important to us. Apart from our initial chat with you, it gives us more information to assess what kind of person is compatible with you.  

It’s a cliché but in meeting people “Patience is a virtue”. And sometimes it may take longer to meet that someone special as the process varies from person to person. Sadly the one ingredient we can’t provide is that old chestnut “Chemistry”…

 We will leave that up to you...

Dave Merren  

 One2One Introductions.