Life is short…have an affair, get your name published,enjoy!

Life is short…have an affair, get your name published,enjoy!

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Life is short-Have an affair!

37million cheaters can’t be wrong, can they?

However, as of today, I’d imagine those millions are just a tad worried that their personal details (as well as their fetishes) are going viral to be splashed all over the internet  soon in bold colours and minute details.

Congratulations Ashley Madison.

You’ve won this year’s award for the Trust is Total Service or TITS for short.

Extramarital dating site Ashley Madison (where confidentiality is always assured and privacy is guaranteed but now even the streets know your name) is in disarray today with its customer service centre telling users their accounts are secure despite the company admitting its user records have been stolen.

More than 2,500 customer records have already been released to the public over the internet by hackers who claim to have stolen the total database of the site, which claims to have more than 37 million people around the world.

“Our system is completely secure and your details are never compromised” said their spokesman

Somehow I can’t help but imagine that Internet Dating site users are likely to feel more violated after a breach like this than those caught up in a government or banking website breach, and they are less likely to reach out for help and advice on how to manage their identity information after an infringement. …and as for the 37million in particular, this tendency to suffer silently is all but guaranteed…. Like a lot of internet dating sites, Ashley Madison works more like a fantasy site – they are selling the idea that it’s okay to cheat.


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