Judging a book by it’s cover….

Judging a book by it’s cover….

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One2One Introductions are the only dating service to actually show a client’s profile and PHOTO when proposing a potential date!
No other Dating service offers this.
However, there is always a dilemma as to whether a photo of a potential match could be an advantage or disadvantage to my client… my aim as a Matchmaker is to assist my clients to find long term partners, love, and hopefully a relationship which will last beyond a few dates. However, if a person’s suitability is only to be judged on one photo, without any other senses being brought in to play, a potential life partner could be lost. What would be the point of searching for the attributes if the person with whom they could connect with is only given a three second Tinder shot to impress?

When I’m matchmaking for my clients, I try to find most of the attributes they seek in a partner, from background, education, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, and most importantly the same relationship goal. And that they’re single, available and wanting to meet them.

So if on one photo, they are disregarded, we have got to ask ourselves “how is that person choosing a long term partner”?
If someone is going to make such a decision based on a photo, or the fact that he‘s too tall or she’s a brunette and not on the other factors that would make a potential match,(i.e. a really good partner,) they are still choosing someone based on instant appeal, which, no matter how good a photo is, cannot take the place of actually meeting someone, and knowing how you will connect, how he or she will laugh or smile.
It defeats the purpose of seeking a partner!
So…don’t judge just by the cover, have a look inside, read the first chapter and see if you like the unfolding story.

Dave Merren,
One2One Introductions
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