It’s time to change your Dating default settings.

It’s time to change your Dating default settings.

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At One2One Introductions we encourage our clients to go in to each date with an open mind, an open heart and realistic expectations. Remember, a first date is a chance to meet someone new and to find out more about that person.. And vice-versa.

Some dates will go well and others won’t, and that’s fine. It’s part and parcel of dating and accepting that will make it a much more enjoyable and stress-free experience…

Remember it’s a date and an opportunity-not an interview.

A bit of Reality bites.

If your mantra is ‘Tall, rugby playing Adonis with lots of mullah” or “Angelina Jolie lookalike with a Kerry accent” then you probably need to give it a bit more thought.

The couples that are successfully matched at One2One are focused on what the relationship will be like, instead of solely looking on what he/she will be like. So, what does your ideal relationship look like? Where would you like to go with it? How would you spend your weekends/downtime/holidays?

What qualities will he or she have that will keep you both happy one year, or five years down the line?

Thinking of a bigger and more realistic picture will help you focus on meeting the right one.


Rules. What roolz?

Today, there is no such thing as “Dating Rules”. There’s no 3 day rule! If they’re interested, most guys will ask straight away or the next day.

And hey – if you like a guy, it’s more than acceptable for you to make the first move.

In fact, research shows that men are increasingly open to (and turned on by) women taking the initiative.

You want it? Go get it!

We organize the introductions –you do the rest.

Who knew?

A guy or a girl who is comfortable and happy with themselves is quite simply… sexy!

And this makes you more attractive to the opposite sex….a direct smile from a woman is enough to send a guy weak at the knees. Simple.

A guy who can make a girl laugh by being himself is worth his weight in gold.

Must love dogs..

Just because they don’t share your love for celery, stamp collecting or moonlit skinny dips don’t mean they’re not a good match for you.

Psychologists argue that common interests, whilst a bonus, are not at the core of what makes a happy couple. A similar upbringing and level of education, the same values and family life and a somewhat similar level of looks all top the list for characteristics of couples that go the distance.

Besides, you never know, you might find you really love Origami once you give it a go!

…. or maybe not!

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