If you’re serious about meeting someone…read on

If you’re serious about meeting someone…read on

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Busy..adjective :having a great deal to do: toiling at: labouring away: wrapped up in: occupied, engaged in..

Everyone is stressed these days..work work work, home, drama lessons for the hamster, doggy obedience school, oh god I forgot about the kids, Baltazar needs his Ulysses translated into Hebrew before lunch, then there’s Origami, Gym, Pilates with mon personnel trainer Gerry, walking the goldfish, Facebooking, Tindering, Instagramming, Tweeting, thinking, contemplating life..

Whoever invented the 24 hour day certainly wasn’t born on social media that’s for sure Sherlock. ..

we’re all busy…. So busy in fact, that the very idea of taking time out to look for a significant other just doesn’t bear twerking about. And anyway, they’d have to get up earlier than Leo Vadakar to hang out with me. I’m just too busy being busy these days!

Romance? Google get a life ..I know…I’ll join an online dating site! The Ikea of email order brides and men without scruples is just a swipe away (as opposed to singing the ‘Lion sleeps tonite’ is just a whim away, a whim away..) There’s something for anyone there. A lid for your very own saucepan..plenty of fish and I’ll use pegs for the smell… and the facts speak for themselves..

18 Million online every day in the UK looking for love/a lasting relationship/a one-night stand/counselling/money/geriatric care for their mother/a date for Aunt Celia’s wedding…delete where necessary.

73% believe in love at first sight so, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king in the land of the Internet where photos and profiles don’t lie..surely? But you gotta sell yourself luv…so what if you fake news a little..5’6″ is the new 6′..45 is this years 55..lil white lies..sure I’m married but I’m getting a divorce..soon..as soon as the kids are reared..

49% of online daters say that physical characteristics are the most important factor for them in finding a relationship. All profiles are true and are verified ..right ? and if he says he’s called Hercules, is 6’6”and 8 stone, works as a circus performing midget and lives in Borris in Ossory, south Fingal, has all his own teeth and some of the oppositions, who am I to venture that he’s probably just a misplaced lovelorn alien who was sick the day Geography Kop on and Maths were being handed out.

57% have dated more than one person simultaneously…(no wonder people are busy!)

The percentage of sex offenders who use online dating to meet people is 19%,(enough said) and scammers are accounting for 37% of all online romances!

Hey! What’s not to like about online dating?? The odds are good but the goods are odd!

And sure isn’t all this negativity in those Jonnie foreigner places..sure nothing like that could happen here in lil ol Ireland, could it?

And hey, this is cyberspace,( not the real world,) where everyone knows your name but no one sees your face! Keep taking those happy tabs..it’s that ol adage..if the enemy is in range then so are you..so everyone can see your photo.

And does it really matter if he witty, urbane, a bit of a geek who loves rom-com, Chucky and Evil Dead movies, chit lit and his favourite activity is tap-dancing his way to social ridicule?

Yes it does actually if you’re serious about a truthful and honest relationship with a real person.

So do what they did before they went back to the drawing board.

Hire a Matchmaker!

There is now a renewed interest in Matchmaking and Introduction agencies?


Because Matchmaking and Introduction services eliminate most of the negative issues associated with Online Dating. They do all the legwork, the hard work and background work for you.

They act on your behalf. They’re in your corner and are focused on you and do all the work to get you set up and give you the opportunities to put you in the way of romance.

How bad is that?

So busy doesn’t come into it. Once you have invested your valuable time by meeting a Matchmaker and discussing the who’s, whats, whys, whens and definite nos of dating, you can then move to an allocated time in your busy schedule for real dates with real people where there’s a genuine chance of something that’s going to work.

Why don’t you Divorce yourself from Planet Cyber Space and engage into the real world of One2One Introductions where honesty and privacy live in harmony alongside a confidential database of normal, attractive, erudite and interesting people who are also looking for a relationship (just like you).

and it’s not just another profile to the left… to the left..

Face facts. You’ve already invested in your friends and business associates and colleagues. You’ve more than likely invested in Ben Dunne’s gym , a personal trainer, health insurance, all year fake tan lotions,(and that’s just the guys!) self help workshops, Feng Shui and Tai Chi so what’s stopping you from investing in the one of the few thing money can’t buy.

You and Happiness!        Your life!          Your very own love life!

What’s the point of having all those holidays and hairdos and skinny suits and Audis without having anyone to share it with? Sure Mutley shares your stories (as long as he’s fed) and a weekend away in a castle dark or a fortress strong (single supplements apply)on your lonesome without your Knight in shining humour or Made Marion, is really just showing off..to yourself!

Admit it, the beating will continue until morale improves ..or you actually get your A into G and do something about meeting someone special.

Tea anyone?

Go on go on ..you will, you will, you will.

Join One2One Introductions.


Dave Merren   0873229046