George Clooney lookalike seeks woman with visual impairment.  

George Clooney lookalike seeks woman with visual impairment.  

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Between fake news and Chinese breathalyzers  there are some matchmaking and introduction agencies that  actually  find  potential matches without using the internet, relying on algorithms or randomly pick names from a database obtained from a phone directory.

Who knew?

Matchmaking and Introduction services now make it easier to find someone and truly get to know them .


By meeting them face to face.

These agencies give you a personal service by dedicating a matchmaker to you. It’s perfect for today’s busy single who is having a difficult time meeting someone. Matchmaking and Introduction services offer unparalleled personal service and potential singles are all screened by a real person.. And not a laptop, iPad or tablet in sight!

This is where One 2 One Introductions comes into its own. Dave Merren, the energetic, personable and very experienced business man has a fresh approach to match-making.

“The key is using the personal touch for each client and ensuring that they meet someone suitable to them rather than just someone and therefore my clients all have an enjoyable experience with a compatible person.”

Dave personally meets all of his prospective clients, gets to know them, their interests, their likes and dislikes and their values. He does this so that he can ensure he provides a match that suits them and that it is a genuine match.

“This type of discreet personal service is what makes the business so innovative”. “People really get the feeling that I am interested in making a honest match and not just doing business and they’re right”. “There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a couple together and then they come back to me and say..Guess what.. we clicked!”. “That’s what it’s all about for me”. “It’s about personal introductions, listening to what YOU are really saying, providing advice and encouragement which will ultimately result in finding you your perfect relationship”. “In a more challenging modern relationship environment, it is evident that sometimes people need to take a logical, pro-active approach and ONE2ONE Introductions is the right choice for personal, handpicked, pre-screened and discreet introductions.”


Newspapers don’t lie…..(as posted in the Indo and the Star recently)

What’s the best that could happen??? Finders of Keepers.