Dating should be fun!

Dating should be fun!

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In today’s social media driven world of Online Dating sites we at ONE2ONE INTRODUCTIONS stand out from the crowd.


Because we’re not an online dating site!

Dating should be fun – meeting new people, going to exciting places, that frisson of where things just might lead to…but sometimes just getting to the point…of an actual date…can be traumatic, treacherous and time consuming!

Online dating sites are full of an never ending algorithm of babbled dialogue with mono syllabic replies fed by the genuine, the lonesome, the cheating and the gullible who trawl  through a sea of  profiles (coz there’s plenty of fish out there) searching for their sole mates by baiting them with mind blowing and earth shattering conversational nuggets like “what’s your favourite colour?” and after composing a humorous, yet personal ditty of 300 words why the magenta is your palette to life, you get a one liner back saying “yea right..wanna meet?”..

And when you meet you’ve now got some new horror stories to tell your mates-“Oh how we’ll laff?” and add to your long list of “I’m never going there again” experiences.

..about how they apologised for being late “Just couldn’t get the kids to sleep” (They never mentioned that in their profile!)

or they’re unrecognisable from their profile photo(my bessie said that was a great photo so that’s why I used it as my profile was taken at the Pope’s mass in the Park )

or they “forgot” to tell you about how their wives don’t understand them or their husbands are just soo immature or “this one time at Bandcamp”..

and why they  really shouldn’t be living with their parents at this stage of their lives(“But then again I’m only 43!”)

Really! Is it what you signed up for?

At ONE2ONE we do that initial groundwork for you so you don’t have to waste all that time wasting your time! (And yes..we only have UNATTACHED people on our books-we actually verify that they are who they say they are and what they do.

We will do everything except go on the date with you! Sorry but there are limits! 2’s company but 3’s a crowd!

Blowing our own trumpet here but we’re actually good at what we do!

It’s our job…and we love our job.

And if you find “the one” then our job is done. If not then we hope you’ve enjoyed the experience of meeting, dating and getting to know new folk.

In everyday life we use people who specialise in what we’re looking for.

If we had a toothache we’d go to a dentist.

If we wanted to become millionaires we’d play the Lotto, so when it comes to meeting someone why leave it to chance and wait for it to just happen?

Be proactive. Talk to us!

We spend our time meeting people every day, and ok, we can get coffeed out sometimes but the entertaining, fun, interesting, smart, attractive and genuine people we meet who are looking for a committed and lasting relationship is what makes our job so great.

Matchmaking is friendly and fun, but it’s more importantly confidential and discreet!

But hey.. if you want your profile viewed for the world to see than join any online dating site! Everyone should have their 15 minutes of fame.

However, at One2One we believe in privacy and face to face meetings to get to know you.

It’s the safer way to meet like for like minded, unattached single people who are looking to meet someone exactly like….yourself!

Finders of Keepers.