Chasing cars

Chasing cars

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LMFM’s Betty Clarke recently interviewed a man who’s mission in life is to turn singles into couples.

….’I just haven’t met you yet’….

“Matchmaking, for all its old fashioned and traditional values happens to be the new pub culture” says David Merren, owner of One2One Introductions. “It’s last year’s little black number and it’s this years fidget spinner.

“Already we see people being much more open and brave about declaring that they met through a dating service, so gone are the days when a couple who had met through us would tell everyone they met in a Pub!”

“This is 2017…not 1917… the days of dowries and selling off your first born for a heifer and a couple of acres are happily consigned to history- These days it’s a Porsche and a Leinster season ticket”!

“Our clients (and by the way we don’t have many clients because if we did we wouldn’t be very good at what we do, would we?) are people like you and I aged between 28 and 80, anyone who is tired of the single life and wants to meet a like for like partner…for whatever reason … Friendship, Relationships, Marriage or just to ride around in a Porsche”.

…’Take a chance on me’..

“The butcher, the baker, the candle stick takes all sorts and all kinds of everything”, for example …

“I was out walking on the beach here in Brittas Bay recently(the end of October) and I met an incredible 80 year old (Swedish) lady who was swimming(I was dressed for the Artic) and we got chatting about life, the universe and what makes people tick(or was it thick?). She told me she doesn’t date anyone over 65 as she likes men who “keep her young, interested and interesting”!! She’s now become an honourary member”!

“All our clients are attracted by the security and confidentiality of our service (particularly ladies)” “Historically, men are more reticent than women at taking the first step at this type of dating and this is borne out by the fact that we have (sadly)more female members than males on our books”. “Women like the fact that we meet everyone face to face and spend time getting to know them and we do what it says on the tin.. when we say John is a 58 year old widower who is an  accountant and is 6’5” then that’s what he is-he’s not a 85 year old dyslexic window cleaner who’s 5’6”!

.’.I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’..

“Furthermore, the cost of our membership works out cheaper per month than any online dating agency”!

“More and more people in today’s busy and changing culture are resorting to online dating sites(or should that be ‘lottery’) in the hope of finding a partner. “At ONE2ONE we like to think we can take the “gambling” element out of meeting that someone special”. “We meet everyone personally and it puts people at ease knowing that the person we introduce to them has been verified- and we’re very discreet. There’s nothing online-no profiles, photos or lies”!

“With the continuing impact of Social media in our lives we feel our clients like the way we’re bringing the personal and old fashioned touch back to dating”….

‘Crazy lil thing called love’….

“Why ONE2ONE”?

“Well, we’re unique and our clients are to-we provide a personal, discreet, secure and confidential service to help find a like-minded, compatible partner-we meet our clients face to face-we don’t believe such an important event should be left to the lottery of the online dating services.”

What’s the best that could happen?

Mary Chrimbles .

Dave Merren