A fishy tail of one womans journey into the dark web of Internet Dating sites

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Day 1 in the ‘I just haven’t met you yet’ house…… ‘This online dating lark is the Bees Balearics! It’s soo easy, casual and you don’t have to dress for dinner, sloppy Joes and PJs are de rigueur, 5 o clock shadows sans make up and even my hair’s a

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If one synchronised swimmer drowns do the other have to follow?

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What we do on or before dates that maybe we really shouldn’t! Let’s face it.. whether you’re a newbie to all this or have even had a date or two in the not too distant past, going on a date can be a total head wrecker! A date SHOULD be

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What if this is as good as it gets?

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In today’s social media driven mad world of Online Dating sites , ONE2ONE INTRODUCTIONS stand out from the crowd. Why? Because we’re NOT an online dating site! Now read on…. Dating is supposed to be fun – meeting new people, going to exciting places, that spark, that frisson of where

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Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

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Why is it so hard to meet someone these days? Finding someone in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties just wasn’t a problem. You could meet someone in the supermarket because it was a relaxed place to bump into and maybe flirt (now there’s a lost art!) AND without fear of

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Why should you choose One2One Introductions over other Dating agencies?

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Let’s make no bones about this, being the proud owners of One2One Introductions, we want you to choose us as the last place you’d think of if you are single, separated, divorced or widowed and looking to meet that someone special! That’s correct. The last place! You’re tried the rest,

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Get busy Dating..

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Busy..adjective :having a great deal to do: toiling at: labouring away:  wrapped up in: occupied, engaged in.. Everyone is snowed under( and stressed) these days..work work work, home,  drama lessons for the cat, doggy obedience school, oh god I forgot about the kids, Baltazar needs his  Ulysses translated into Hebrew

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Men and Dating. An inconvenient truth?

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  This article has been written from my experiences with my Matchmaking and Introductions agency, One2One Introductions.  So please don’t shoot the messenger. Also, I’m the original born again poacher turned gamekeeper. Now read on…. Mammy knows best. I blame Irish Mammies for it all. From the time we were

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George Clooney lookalike seeks woman with visual impairment..

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Between fake news and Chinese breathalyzers  there are some matchmaking and introduction agencies that  actually  find  potential matches without using the internet, relying on algorithms or randomly pick names from a database obtained from a phone directory. Who knew? Matchmaking and Introduction services now make it easier to find someone

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Why choose ONE2ONE Introductions over other dating sites

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We admit to being rather biased about this, being the proud owners of One2One Introductions, so obviously we want you to choose us!  And after all…….. It is our blog! But because we value  honesty  and because we believe you need to know as much of the truth about what

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Alternative facts or fake news? What online dating sites don’t want us to know.

8 months ago 0 292

Its late January 2017…Are you still sifting through the “alternative facts” (or as we in Ireland like to call it, lies) of online dating, hoping to find Mr or Ms Perfect-That Special One? And you know online dating works sometimes! You may even know a friend or two who found

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