An Interview with Tatler Man

An Interview with Tatler Man

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Q..What type of person would use One2One? 

 A..Anyone who is tired of the single life and wants to meet a like for like partner. For whatever reason, for friendship, a relationship or marriage. Single girls and guys aged from 28 to 75, Separated folk, Divorced Widows and Widowers, Single mothers, single fathers,  Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agents, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accountants, Farmers, Human Resources, Athletes, Professors, Housewives, Business Owners, Butchers, Bakers, and yes, even Candlestick makers.

Q..What are their ages?

A..From 28 to 87.. My most populated age group would be 40 to 53 years of age.

I met an incredible 82 year old lady recently who wanted to date someone about 20 years younger than her because they would “keep her young and interested”!! If only everyone had her outlook on life?

Q..Are there more women than men on One2One?

A..Yes, I have more ladies than men on my books with something like a 65: 35 ratio. However it is rapidly changing in the past 6 months. While women love the confidential aspect and discreetness of One2One, men are now getting much better at this type of dating. I think they’re bored by internet dating now to be honest.

Q..Is this a Franchise, and is it Irish?

A..No, it’s not a franchise. It’s an Irish Introductions and Matchmaking agency, run by Irish people for Irish and European people.. Our subscription is Euro495.00 for a 12 month contract and that guarantees a minimum of at least 4 dates.

Q..Is it easy to do?

A..It really couldn’t be simpler! After our initial chat over coffee, I do the groundwork, as in I propose dates. They get on with their life safe in the knowledge that I am on the lookout for handpicked quality singles seeking long term relationships…all they have to do is let me help them.

 Q..Also what does One2One have over online websites? 

A..We’re different; we’re NOT an online Dating site. We actually meet everyone face to face. We’re secure, we’re confidential and we’re One2One. No one else but the two persons involved in the proposal (and myself) can view the profiles.