All Irish Dating and Introduction services are the same, aren’t they?

All Irish Dating and Introduction services are the same, aren’t they?

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Actually we believe One2One Introductions is just that bit different to the others.

Let me explain….

We offer a 12 month contract with a minimum of 4 dates.

We understand that sometimes it takes a while to organise genuine like for like matches, and some people may actually need more than 4 Intro ductions to hopefully meet the right girl or guy.

No other dating agency offers that type of service!

We don’t get you dates JUST to fill your quota of dates.

We show our clients Profiles AND Photos.

No other dating service offers that!

While we understand that two’s company, we believe that three’s a crowd. …so..

When we meet a client we actually match make that client ourselves…

It may sound simple but we don’t hand over our clients profile to someone in our office who hasn’t met our client and let them do the matching…We do it ourselves!

No other company offers that type of service.

When we meet our clients, we meet at a time and place that suits them so that they are in their comfort zone.

There are no time restrictions to our meetings. We meet and chat over coffee.

Coffee gets cold and may need refills. However long it takes to get to know a little about you and your requirements is time enough for us.

We allow our clients to arrange their own dates at their own pace. There are no awkward meeting places in pre booked and pre-arranged restaurants.

We encourage feedback.

We’re personal, discreet, confidential, face to face AND we offer a bespoke service tailor made to each individual.


Dave Merren

One2One Introductions